Ok so this one time I tagged along with my best friend Sarah to a symphony practice, and they had this guest harpist who was so great. Graceful, funny, played beautifully.

After the practice Sarah and I were walking out into the beautiful night, high from our lovely evening. We ran into the harpist in the parking lot, wheeling her harp to her van with a dolly, and we told her how much we loved her performance. She thanked us and asked if either of us play music. I enthusiastically told her that I was a singer songwriter.

She said, let me give you a piece of advice: Don’t do it. Quit now. It’s not worth it. She said she works 5 jobs and wish she had chosen something else.

We were quite stunned by that interaction, and it inspired me to write this song about the event.

I recorded my voice and guitar and sent it to my pal Aemyn Connolly who added the amazing instrumentation.

Music & lyrics by Erin Brown
Backing instrumentation, vocals, & production by Aemyn Connolly
Copyright 2018 Erin Brown

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