Maiden Voyage

The day before I sailed to sea
A maiden came for me
She told to me her name
It was beautiful and plain
She said, “Son, it’s a shame we part so quickly”
She said, “Son, it’s a shame you depart so swiftly
Upon the sea all it’s scorn
Never to return
Never to return to me.”

I said, “Maiden if those eyes would follow this boat until the light dies,
Then I swear upon my lifeline to steer her back in good time and come up on this shore and make you mine.”
She said, “Son, that’s a noble fight to undertake.”
She said, “Son, that’s a fair trade to make.”
And she gave me a token
Her monogram, silk and woven
As a sign of her devotion

Through those days and nights and storms
Only her promise kept me warm
I held close to my heart the handkerchief that smelled of her
As a reminder of her word.
Then one day we caught sight of shore
As soon as we anchored to the harbor
Her eyes caught sight of mine and my heart it beat in double time
But she said, “Son, I am betrothed to another.”

So tomorrow I set sail again
And I hope no maidens come a-callin’
Because all my days on the ocean, I have only learned the one thing:
Never trade your heart for a token

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