November Wedding (the almost done version)

This is the unpolished version of November Wedding. A more polished version of this will be on my upcoming EP. I’m really happy with how it’s turned out so far!

About the song: Some friends of mine were getting married and asked me to write them a song for their wedding and this is what I came up with. Even better, they wanted it to be a surprise, so the first time they heard the song was during the actual ceremony. Talk about trust! I was really honored to be a part of everything, and am very grateful for them for giving me the inspiration and reason to write this song. Plus, it was a kick ass wedding party.

November Wedding
Today the sun is shining and the breeze is lightly blowing
Or it’s not
It’s cold and snowing
Or it’s raining or it’s pouring or it’s dark
Or it’s the hottest that it’s ever been this time in November
But it doesn’t really matter because we are here together.

Today my heart is pounding
And my chest is slightly aching
Like I’ve run too fast, I’m shaking like I’m nervously awaiting something
But you’re just walking towards me with your arms stretched out for me
And you’re asking me to follow you
You know I’d go anywhere you lead me to

I’m on my knee
Would you be my best friend?
We’ll tie the knot
Together with our loose ends
Trust in what we’ve got
I don’t know where it will lead us
But I can’t see that it matters
When we’re together.

Today we have a witness
It’s the bird up in the tree,
A wedding aisle of dried leaves,
And vows of wordless melodies
You tell me that you do
And I tell you I do too
And then you kiss me ‘neath the leafy arbor of the tree in the dying afternoon.

I’m on my knee, would you be my best friend?
We’ll tie the knot together with our loose ends and
I forgot where we were going, but it doesn’t matter
If it gets cold then we’ll both just move a little closer
If it gets hot we’ll shed our coats
It storms we’ll seek some shelter
If it gets dark we’ll light a lantern
Bright, we’ll shade each other
Come what may, come what might, we’ll always come out stronger
It’s not, “Who are you?” or “Who am I?” but “Who are we together?”
But whatever. You know it doesn’t even matter.
But whatever, you know it doesn’t even matter
When we’re together.

Today we have a promise
Not the rings around our fingers
But the things that we whispered to each other before all the others came
That we would remain shelters
Through the elements and weather
Steady, confident, and centered
To keep each others hearts safe
I’m gonna keep your heart safe.

And I’m on my knee
Would you be my best friend?
We’ll tie the knot so we won’t have any loose ends.
I believe in what we’re made of
And I don’t know where it will take us
But I can’t see that it matters
When we’re together.

Written by Erin Brown
Recorded by Mark Simonsen and Thom Canova at Studio M
Miss Brown: guitar, ukulele, tambourine,
Mark: additional g
uitar, organ
Thom: bass

Copyright Erin Brown 2010


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  1. Outstanding! Beautiful and powerful song and I feel honored to have heard it the first time at the wedding. I wish you the best. You are very talented!

  2. God I miss you so much. This is SUCH a beautiful song and if I’d heard it at a wedding I would have bawled. In a good way. And also I totally did tear up just sitting here listening to it once I read the story. Did I mention I miss you? Because I haven’t seen you in person in several years and that disturbs me greatly. I am more impressed with your songwriting and vocal abilities with each new song you post. Which is saying something because you know how long I’ve been a fan. SO PROUD to be related to you.

  3. Beautiful. I sobbed through this song at the wedding, I’m so glad you put it up! One of the most beautiful songs, makes me cry hearing it now as well. You are so talented. CDs for sale anytime?

  4. I meant anytime soon~ I know you’re working on an EP, but I was wondering when it was coming out ^.^

    • Thanks for the note, Kellye! Yep, the CD should be out sometime before/by the end of June. If you sign up for my email list (see the side bar), I’ll be sending out an email when it’s all ready!

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