The Preface

About the song: This is a pretty old song, but it’s one of my favorites. That’s a banjo line you hear, played on an antique banjo I got as a gift from my great uncle that used to belong to my great great (great?) aunt. It’s a cool banjo, but when I say antique, I mean it. I think this is the last song it’ll ever play.

The Preface

Disregard all of my letters, Father
They were all lies, every single one
And I’ve done more than I will ever admit to, Father
So complete the words that falter on my tongue.

And it will take more than a pretty word, Father
To unmask all of the faces I’ve worn
To keep me warm in all the cold places, Father
To heal the all of me that I’ve torn.

Written and recorded by Erin Brown

Copyright Erin Brown 2010

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